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Aug 21, 2023

Live Earth Maps GPS Navigation APP

Live Earth Maps GPS Navigation will provide shortest route with traffic alert. Great search on GPS speedometer make your travel easy and you will be reached on your destination without any effort street view. Simple users’ interface with easy to follow the instructions and updated satellite finder. Find Your Current GPS Location (latitude & longitude) and GPS Satellite also user can share with family or friends. The Live Earth Maps takes the edge of find your house location on satellite GPS and also provides your current location on the terrestrial satellite map. This Route planner app provide you full HD earth map and also information about traffic update around the world with live street view and GPS satellite map view nearby of your current location. Voice Navigation feature will give you best Driving Direction experience when you will search destination map with voice command.

Get the view of live earth and explore new places
Find Street Address of any area
GPS Speedometer with over speed alert
Voice Navigation Map for easy travel
Find Distance Between two Locations
Get a route tracker to keep the record of your travel
Save the paths to get back on those roads again
Voice navigation for precise directions
live street view moments of famous places
Tourists can find the well-known place for tour

Live Camera
Live Earth Maps GPS Navigation provides you the feature of Live Camera Street view of famous places of the entire world. Satellite Map also shows the live moments of some animals and birds in this GPS location app.

An earth map will feel you as realistic visual maps with GPS Satellite map view and other types of GPS map like Night, Terrain, and Normal & Traffic Alert view. Route planner App has world tour function that show you the satellite map view of world tourist and famous place. Find satellite finder image of all world-famous place, explore satellite GPS buildings and cities with just single tab and easily plan your world tour with satellite map live. Simply search the name of your favorite visiting place and get Live Street View on GPS speedometer.

This GPS route finder helps travelers in getting accurate driving directions by just speaking the name of the destination. GPS voice navigation helps you to search destination GPS Location and Route map. Create the unique and ultimate traveling experience with Satellite Map App. You can see the beauty of nature and explore different places around the world with satellite view live. Easily you can find a route and turn by turn live navigation for reach on destination. Use live Earth Maps GPS Navigation app to find restaurant, hospital, gas station with GPS location feature.

Get a route tracker to keep the record of your travel through the GPS navigation map. The feature is even able to calculate the long routes (Remember that this route tracking feature allows only the device's route in which it is installed) on Live Earth Maps GPS Navigation. Ever lost in the wilderness? Doesn’t let history repeat itself. Save the paths to get back on those roads again.

Speedometer feature will allow you to verify vehicle speed or when you are cycling, running, flying, sailing etc. GPS speedometer will be shown in Km/h Unit. Set Speed limit for get alarm on over speeding using GPS speedometer.

With GPS area calculator you can also enjoy calculating distance between multiple points. Click on the multiple points on the map and get the distance in Km and meter with GPS distance measure. Travel around the world with the ease of accessing driving directions and the area calculator.

Level meter
Live Earth Maps GPS Navigation app also helps in getting a precise angle of inclination on GPS location. Measure vertical and horizontal levels around you in a sec. Place the device on the table and lock the orientation to get the best results.
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