Mystical mixing potion craft: merge magic, merge dragons, create squishy magic!

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Aug 20, 2023

Mystical Mixing APP

Did you ever dream to do MAGIC?

Show your skills in this wizard game full of mystery where you hatch dragons, merge magic, and experience the magic awakened. Engage in potion craft, as you immerse yourself in the art of merging dragons. Become the most powerful wizard in the universe through the captivating world of Mystical Mixing. Dive into a world brimming with squishy magic, where mischievous creatures intertwine and merge, creating a kaleidoscope of fantastical beings that bring joy and wonder to your mystical adventures.

The whole game revolves around DIY magic tricks, where you can make some potions and spells like:
> Love potion,
> Happy potion,
> Rainbow magic,
> the ability to Become invisible, and
> master the Full Body-Bind curse.

In Mystical Mixing, you have a ton of different cauldrons where you craft your magic pets. Use the pot to add mystery ingredients, stir it, tap it with the wand, and boom! You have new magic pets which you make with potion craft and merge magic. Mystical mixing is one of those games where you put your imagination into real life, and experience the magic awakened. Unleash the enchantment of squishy magic as creatures merge, forming mesmerizing and wondrous creations.

Become the best witch or wizard in the mystical forest where you can clawee your magic pets to discover new spells, build your village, find hidden gems, portals, new magical creatures, and so much more. Use the portal to go to the frozen forest where things are becoming even more mystical and you can merge dragons, squishy magic and potion craft.

Use the spell book to see the recipes for creating DIY magic pets, and hatch them from the pot. There are more than 300 magic pets, all unique with their own abilities. They can fly, sing, cry, laugh, build, protect, and even merge with other creatures to become even more magical and beautiful.

TAP! TAP! Upgrade the pot, stir with the magic wand, add spells, and merge magic in this unique DIY game.

Download MYSTICAL MIXING now and enter the magical universe, where you can hatch dragons, merge magic, experience the magic awakened, engage in potion craft, merge dragons, and embrace the enchantment that awaits. Unleash the power of squishy magic as you merge dragons and witness their transformation into magnificent and mystical beings.

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