You have no choice but to lead the team to rebuild your homeland.

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Sep 17, 2023
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Subzero Survivors APP

The freezing sun and the worsening Earth's climate are shrinking Earth population to a few survivors. You have no choice but to lead the team to rebuild your homeland.

Gather resources, build a camp and shelter other survivors to survive the long, hard winter.

Game Features:

Survival Simulation

You'll start small as a worker from gathering wood and stone, building a shelter of your own, and step by step to building a whole set of living facilities.

Adventure in the Wild

As the climate deteriorates, you can only get food by going out to find. You can also dispatch exploration teams for adventure to gather whatever is useful.

Game Intro:

Population Growth: gather resources, explore the wild, meet people's basic needs, and strike a balance between production and supply.

Production Chain: process raw materials into daily necessities, set a proper production ratio, and boost the development of your city.

City Development: build more buildings to upgrade your shelter into a modern city.

City Combats: as the city develops, you'll need to build a strong army, plunder resources, and finally, be the overlord.
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