Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story needs help, and you're a kind owner.

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Sep 13, 2023

Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story APP

Look at this, the cat's fur is covered in dirt, its face is smudged, its eyes are droopy with sleepiness, and it's meowing hungrily. After a mischievous day, your cat is sulking and turning to you for help.

Well, are you a kind owner? You can definitely assist Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story with simple tasks like bathing, feeding, and lulling to sleep. Once cared for, Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story will be incredibly adorable.

Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story loves engaging in fun games, playing mouse-catching and star-picking with your beloved cat. Or you can tease, tickle, or even teach Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story to speak. But be cautious 🔥,Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story is cheerful yet quite sensitive. An upset pet won't play with you anymore.

😻 Observe what the cat needs assistance with
😽 Cat wants to play and move: catch mice and earn coins
😺 Cat is hungry: use coins to buy food and recharge its energy
😽 Cat is itchy and dirty: use soap and water to bathe
😺 Cat wants to rest: turn off lights and lull it to sleep

🌈 Care for a virtual pet cat just like in real life
🌈 Choose from a variety of cat skins
🌈 Explore numerous mini-games
🌈 Photo album to commemorate the pet cat's journey of growth

Sit back, relax, and enjoy joyful moments with Talking Cat: Cute Cat Story
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